Das Weltkulturerbe in 2024

Das Weltkulturerbe


The World-Cultural-Heritage

Der Weltkulturschock

The World-Cultural-Shock

Raise white flaggs!

Ursula Sabisch, Empress, Am Aehrenfeld 15, 23564 Luebeck, Germany

To the People of the World

in the Matter and Commission

of the Lord and Creator

Luebeck, 6 April 2024

The German-language document you may find here!

The weather report and the time schedule

Dear Readers, Dear Sirs,

Today is a beautiful day here in Germany; the sun is shining and the weekend is just around the corner again with the best weather forecasts.

These constant ups and downs and this constant change of good and bad news or daily events cause people to go up and down on the mood barometer. Yesterday it was raining and cold and today it's just sunshine and warmth again. You slowly get used to this situation and this interplay of events, especially through the news of world events. If, like me, you keep up with the daily earthquakes and volcanic eruptions and follow them, then you know after a while of the earth's quiet phase that a huge earthquake will follow and that it is the actual result of this seemingly " intact world". 

So you start to scout and ask yourself where and when the next big earthquake will hit land, but such a correct prediction is quite unlikely, because even the experts cannot make a reliable prediction. The only thing I can say is that the next big earthquake will happen or occur again soon. Even if my person could guess which country will be the next one, it wouldn't help anyone, as it wouldn't be possible to evacuate an entire continent. However, it would help everyone to realise and accept the reality as quickly as possible, because the sooner people focus on the essentials, the greater the likelihood that many people will take part in the transition to a new era on earth.

Many preparations and safety measures must be taken for all countries on earth for this imminent change through the end of the nuclear age to a new beginning of the earth with everything that belongs to it and that the earth can bear. In particular, the worldwide harvest failure caused by environmental disasters of all kinds should be brought into the focus of those responsible and, for example, the car industry should not take the attention of the economic experts.

Every politically minded person should also consider whether we as humanity should really expand the weapons industry for the ground forces and thus significantly burden and exploit the earth with iron ore, steel and nickel with regard to heavy armour and artillery. In principle, legally speaking, mankind is only allowed to manufacture and utilise weapons in the event of a threat from extraterrestrial things, i.e. an asteroid or an attacking unknown flying object. We no longer live in the Middle Ages, where people bashed each other's heads in to assert claims to ownership of another country or fleet, for example. We live in the nuclear age, where it is enough if just one " would-be great" loses his nerve and presses the red button, although there are currently many would-be in the world and some may no longer have much to lose due to their health or age.

Other would-be  have already secured themselves with underground living space or luxury bunkers and like to play high stakes by playing the wrong game, for whatever reason ever, and will interfere between the warring parties, preferably through false information, especially in the secret service, or through targeted assassinations.

Every war expert, including President Putin and North Korea's supreme commander Kim Jong Un, should be prepared for air strikes coming from the over-dimensional area, but exclusively on the really threatening UFOs and not the expected UFOs, in that the current national economy in Russia must adapt to these specific defence weapons, which Great Britain has already done. Some peculiarities or techniques of sighted UFOs are already known to mankind by a few air pilots, for example, shutting down all the electronics of an aircraft. It should therefore be possible to specifically switch the weapon systems or missiles to mechanical or other systems.

It probably makes no sense to produce weapons in the current sizes or quantities for ground forces because global resource planning has already become necessary. Of course, if we ignore reality and concentrate on possible attacks from Russia, then the earth will soon be so badly affected that an attack from the Russians will no longer be necessary, but the attack will come directly from the earth, for example in Europe!

So humanity should unite very quickly and also protect Iran from wrong actions with regard to an escalation with Israel. Of course, my person has considered whether the clear facts of the matter regarding the Arab world and the so-called paradise should not be put forward, in that people with severe psychoses or severely mentally disturbed people who have to stay or have stayed in psychiatric wards for these reasons can give consistent symptoms or descriptions of the direction from the experienced this world to the hereafter, in which an Oriental will come or the clinical picture has already been expressed or expressed several times for decades in the behaviour of those severely affected.

Other cultures have other directions or paths regarding the afterlife or the redemption of a person after death. So humanity should face up to the reality and opportunities that we have all been given at this time and not create more suffering and injustice in the world. A war cannot create justice and order or security for all involved, even if man should have a right or claim to retribution, because blood has been shed especially by young people on both sides of the war.

The times for rights and entitlements are long gone, because what could "flutter" into our house as humanity may have a little to do with justice, but certainly has absolutely nothing to do with order and security, unless control can be implemented in the matter! For this reason, in view of the difficult situation, my person first wanted to visit Moscow by train as a tourist and, if necessary on the part of Russia, meet President Putin. Afterwards, the Hanseatic city of Hamburg is on the agenda for my person, because this city is the gateway to the world.

From there, the journey will continue first by sea and then by plane in all directions, as long as time and health permit, which presupposes that my person has been able to assert her written claims to ownership, which applies equally to the King and Emperor with regard to ownership claims, but especially as the security guarantors and commanders in the matter. It must be possible to publicise a direction and a clear movement in this very difficult matter without directly involving the medium of TV, as "something" could and should be done or developed independently in this medium.

Be wise, everyone, because a Jew or a Christian, for example, are also far from a desirable paradise and not just a Muslim, which in addition particularly concerns every criminal ruler who did not want to change to the right side of life in time!