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Mother`s Day letter 2024

On 10/05/2024 12:25, Ursula Sabisch wrote:

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Subject: 01-3436940-013 Cancellation with offer/distributor to all equivalent publishers worldwide          

          Date: Thu, 9 May 2024 19:50:47 +0200        

               From: Ursula Sabisch To:             

           The German-language document you may find here!          

Dear Ladies and Gentlemen of ADM medienpress BUNTE, 

Dear Reader,    

You have received a timely cancellation of the trial subscription from me, in which you have committed to a 6-week free delivery of the magazines. I took advantage of your offer of cancellation and this was confirmed again after I looked at BUNTE. Your magazine consists mainly of gossip and adverts or you describe celebrities and their successes, problems or difficulties and worries. The most important thing for your readers is probably the photos of the celebrities.      

However, people who are on the Internet, like my person, certainly don't need your magazine, as you can find a lot more gossip, tittle-tattle and various photos of celebrities on the Internet for free, with almost everything and more that you offer! So your readership is among those who want to be informed about the colourful lives of other famous people without the Internet!      

It is clear that you and other magazine or newspaper publishers have to clutch at every straw, especially because your readers will mainly consist of older people who don't want to deal with the Internet and have passed away at some point. However, it is precisely this group of readers who are responsible for much of what I have to complain about in public, especially when it comes to the future of great-grandchildren, grandchildren and their children. In order to limit this disproportion between the ageing and the elderly, people should at least know what is going on and what is in store for humanity if there are no sensible role models in the family and no sensible laws or regulations are created that include a cultural transmission of values with simultaneous security.        

The old person's own path also takes a completely different direction if he dares to face reality and the truth! No one will be spared so easily and certainly not a long-time contemporary witness in the matter, because my person will have to take care of that, even if it means risking the life of a contemporary witness!  

The Internet will have no future if the turnaround in contemporary history is completed; TV and therefore all the celebrities will no longer be in people's parlours.      

Newspapers and radio are the global guarantors of the news service in a possible future. Magazines also have a cultural value if the reader is offered something meaningful with values to think about.

For this reason, my person once again offers you and other publishers the opportunity to accompany your readers a little way into reality and into a possible future, preferably for their descendants, by publishing my person's writings truthfully in your magazines. The accompaniment also consists of taking away the fears of your readers or at least accepting the anger of your readers and the rejection of what has been written and, if necessary, giving tips on where and how to justify oneself should one feel unfairly treated!      

My person is hopefully fair in the execution of her work, but either obedience is done here on God's earth or this happens for this or that person in the afterlife and that could be a lot worse for those affected!      

This unique offer for your readers expires on 09.04.2026, according to your "desired date" of my cancellation, as my time and my letters are far too valuable to let them exist any longer on the Internet and elsewhere!      

Yours sincerely      

Ursula Sabisch      


Appendix: As you will obviously have good relations with some tour operators through the travel vouchers you offer, it would be a good idea to include this circle of travel agencies and tourist guides in this commission. After all, a German contemporary witness in the matter and commission of the Lord and Creator has to set off for the war zones immediately, but exclusively in groups.

This means that Kiev and Moscow and the Kremlin will be the destination of the above-mentioned contemporary witnesses, with every German and every European having to carry their own luggage, whereby all wheels or castors must be removed from the luggage, as already ordered. 

A German Catholic in particular will be ordered directly to the front, and this route will lead to Israel, Palestine and not least to the Gaza Strip!      

Yemen must not be ignored and Iran and Syria will also have to be visited by contemporary witnesses!

In the event of failure in this matter, the next generation will be called to the scene and on the way until peace prevails in the world and the abuse of our highest good in the Roman Catholic churches, as already ordered several times, by the Catholics is ended!            

PS: My person must publicise this letter as a Mother's Day letter!

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